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The Hook Strand


About Trim-It-Quick


What is Trim-it-Quick?

Trim-it-Quick lighting systems are easier to use and provide better results than traditional string lighting. Although they were originally conceived as a lighting solution for Christmas trees, you can use them to light almost anything.


Easy to use, hard to explain

Unlike anything else on the market, Trim-it-Quick lighting systems are based on a revolutionary “hook-strand” design that provides full, uniform coverage from the inside out — from the trunk of the tree to the tip of each branch.


These hook-strands are made up of individual light strings that originate at a hub, the center of the tree, and are spread outward along or around each branch to its end. This system provides lighting throughout the tree, instead of just around the surface, and permits “gradient” lighting — lights can change color and/or intensity from the inner portion of the tree to the outer branch tips.


A multi-port extension cord, which runs from the base of the tree up through the center near the trunk, ties the system together and allows for many lighting configurations.


Just watch the demo.

Bright idea

The idea for Trim-it-Quick lighting systems was born from a common frustration: the ritual of untangling Christmas tree lights and trying to make them look good on a tree. Artist Leslie Wasem built prototypes with masking tape and bubblegum in 2002, and the company was finally born in 2006.


Leslie, take it away.



Cost vs. value

Trim-it-Quick hook-strands space bulbs closer together (2-3 inches apart). So, not only do they provide better illumination, but bulb for bulb, Trim-it-Quick lights are less expensive than traditional strands.


Colors, bulb types, twinkle, applications, sizes and options (custom)

Trim-it-Quick lights are for indoor or outdoor use and for real or artificial trees. Multiple light bulb styles, sizes and colors are available for creative design options, and the hook-strands can even be used as a repair kit or to add density to pre-lit trees.


Trim-it-Quick provides complete lighting kits for virtually any size tree, or lighting sets can be purchased separately and pieced together for custom design projects.



It’s not going to change the world

We use words like “revolutionary” to describe our lights. OK, so Marketing is prone to hyperbole. We understand Trim-it-Quick won’t usher in world peace, but we do believe we have something that makes life easier and more fun.


Visit our community.


1.  Virtually tangle-free - Our hook-strands are less inclined to entwine at any time.


2.  Vibrant, dense coverage - Bulbs are less than 3 inches apart. Tiny gaps, big difference.


3.  Versatility - TIQ’s hook-strand design is ideal for any type of tree, bush, planter, wreath and more. (Please refrain from lighting the holiday roast.)


4.  Wires stay hidden - Look, Ma! Each branch gets wrapped with its own string of lights which prevents sagging branches and drooping wires.


5.  Endless Design Options - TIQ lights are available as whole-tree kits or in hook-strand sets, in many color and bulb options for illimitable possibilities. Light your trees, light your bushes, light your parakeet’s cage.